About Us


We’re passionate about providing the ultimate solution for sleep apnea and snoring. Our product line is designed to provide your patients with an extremely comfortable and effective way to improve their sleep health.

Our revolutionary Elevate sleep appliance was invented and patented by Dr. Greg Ross (Board Certified in Orthodontics and Sleep Medicine) who wanted to find a comfortable and effective solution for his own sleep apnea. In addition to our unique, patented Elevate designs, our product line includes the proven, effective ema design.

Our sleep appliances are made of 3D printed, medical grade nylon. Combined with our unique designs and high-tech manufacturing techniques, we excel in providing some of the most effective, durable, and comfortable sleep appliances on the market. Our team of experts is committed to providing personalized care and attention to ensure that your patients receive the best possible care for each case.

Satisfied patients and Dental Sleep Medicine professionals have shared with us many positive experiences with our sleep appliances. Don’t take our word for it, contact us to try it for yourself!

Our Mission

Our mission at Serena Sleep is to provide a legendary service experience. To be unquestionably the best and easiest company for our customers to work with.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the best combination of comfort, durability and effectiveness, supported by outstanding customer service.

Why choose Serena Sleep?


Made of proven, strong, flexible medical grade Nylon 12, supported with a 3-year warranty


Thin, (1 mm) low profile design with a silky, smooth finish that is custom fit to your anatomy


Custom designed to comfortably fit around your teeth, while effectively holding your jaw forward to enhance airway opening. The impressive thin design also allows the tongue to relax in a near normal position.

Easy to Use

Designed to be easy to insert and there are no complicated adjustments. Cleaning is made easy with its sealed finish, minimizing bacteria build up.